Our Products

Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools

This extensive & impressive range of equipment includes Rope & Chain Cutters, Crimping Tools, Hole Punches, Nut Splitters, Flange & Jaw Spreaders, Bench& Workshop Presses & Moving Skates.

Hi-Force Jacks

The Hi-Force range of Aliminium, Compact, Bottle and Toe Jacks cover a wide variety of capacities & lift height options.

Hi-Force Puller Kits

Manufactured to the highest industry standards this range of pullers are proven to be an extremely versatile range of products.

Jacks & Maintenance Sets

A selection of Bottle Jacks, Toe jacks, Telescopic Jacks, Air Jacks and Maintenance Sets.

Presses & Cranes

Workshop presses, floor cranes, load rotors & accessories.

Tools & Pullers

Flange spreaders, nut splitters, crimping tools, cable cutters, punches, tester, hand tools and bearing pullers.