Our Products

Krais Boiler Expanders

An excellent range of expanders for re-rolling leaky tubes and for new constructions of Water Tube Boilers, Fire Tube Boilers, Economizers, Air Heaters.

Krais Condenser Expanders

Suitable for tubes from 1/4" OD to 3" OD and available in 3 and 5 roll styles these expanders suit large variety of tube materials and applications.

Krais Electronic Tube Expansion Controller

The new KRAIS TES-700-M – Digital Electronic Tube Expansion Controller is controlled by an 8-bit micro processor with 2kB of Dynamic RAM memory and 32 kB of Program Memory. For greater flexibility the TES System, is available in 110, 230 and 400 Volts. The TES comes complete with a memory card and USB card reader that is easy to use and can be read on your PC or Laptop. Reports are generated with a key stroke documenting each expansion along with time stamp for each joint.

Krais Flexpander

This all new state of art tube rolling system has been developed to improve productivity and safety, while delivering unmatched performance and durability! We have engineered the safest tube rolling system on earth with unsurpassed productivity and value.

Krais Installation Accessories & Tehnical Inf

A comprehensive range of drive adapters, tube guides, tube plugs, leak detection products and tube dimensional data.

Krais Rolling Controls

Available in a range of styles and options these drive motors have been specifically engineered to ensure uniform tube to tube sheet expansions, thereby preventing the under and over rolling of tubes

Krais Tube Cleaners

This range of tube cleaners are high speed, heavy duty air motors. They have been designed to clean small curved tubes that are commonly found in boilers, economizers, superheaters and heat exchangers, where varying tube deposits are found, ranging from soft, powdery deposits to hard scale of medium thickness.

Krais Tube Installation Tools

Tools for serrating (grooving tools) tube sheets and facing back installed tubes.

Krais Tube Pullers

A range of manual, hydraulic, semiautomatic, and automatic tube pullers suitable for applications ranging from a few tube to major retubes.

Krais Tube Removal Tools

These tools have been designed for cutting and removing both ferrous and non-ferrous tubes, that are commonly found, in heat exchangers, boilers and condensers.

Tube Rolling Guide

General information designed to assist with choosing the correct tool for the correct application.