Our Products

Clamshell Lathes

Clamshell lathes are portable pipe cutting machines designed for accurate on-site severing, beveling, ID boring, facing. These clamshells are available in a wide range of sizes and the split ring assembly provides them with the capability of being mounted around in-line piping.

Endprep Tools

H&S Tool has one of the most extensive inventories of quality boiler tube tools in the industry. Each of these end milling tools has a wide working range, to minimize the number of boiler tube tools required to cover all of your tube and pipe sizes. Standard end prep tools perform outside and inside beveling, squaring and stub removal.

Flange Facing

Field machine tools has assembled and developed one of the most extensive ranges of Portable Flange Facing Machines available for hire in Australia. Our range of ID and OD mount machines covers flanges from 3/4 inch (19mm) ID to 157 inch (4,000mm OD).

GF Pipe Cutters

George Fischer RA Cutter are designed to cut and bevel high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low-alloy and carbon steel, casting materials, non-ferrous metal and plastic pipes in just seconds, using the superior Planetary Cutting Technology.

Hand Hole& Manway Grinders

Corroded, pitted, abraded and leaking manway seat gaskets and hand holes can be restored like new in minutes using the D.L. Ricci Manway and Hand Hole Grinders.

Journal Turning Lathe

The DL Ricci JTL Lathes are an affordable alternative to major equipment disassembly. It is a field proven machine for turning bearing journals and other round surfaces, in situ, accurately. The Journal Turning Lathe can be positioned in tight areas that need repair.

Portable Milling Machines

Field machine tools have one of the most extensive ranges of Portable Milling Machines available for hire in Australia that are ideal for rugged o-site milling, drilling and boring applications. These “3 axis” Portable Milling Machines are versatile accurate machines capable of traveling and machining in all
axis (XYZ) They are ideal for machining large & small rectangular areas accurately and may be clamped or bolted directly onto the part being machined.

Refinery Drill

The Refinery Drill is best option for drilling holes in hazardous environments. This compact lightweight drill is pneumatically driven and held in place with 3 permanent magnets. With a drilling capacity of 75
mm diameter and a stroke of 300 mm this powerful drill with handle most jobs with ease.

Tube Cleaning

The compact and powerful AWT-100 Air powered tube Cleaner is ideal for all types of tube cleaning applications where electricity is not available or desirable. It features variable torque and speed controls to match the type of the deposit and the tube size. Flexible shafts and accessories are available for either wet or dry applications.

Tube Rolling Drives

These rugged drive motors are made with a combination of strong lightweight aluminium and steel housings to provide a range of easy handling dependable tools that improve production and minimise fatigue.