Our Products

Hi-Force Nut Runners

The PG pistol grip pneumatic torque mulitiplier range is designed to provide smooth bolt tightening without impacting or pulsing. Offering a repeatable torque accuracy of +/- 5% these low noise level tools reduce operator fatigue, increase safety and ensure fast, accurate tightening of bolted components. Incorporating a powerful, reversible air motor suitable for tightening and loosening operations, the non-impacting design of the planetary gears ensures minimum wear to sockets and bolted components.

Mountz CLD Series

These rotating handle torque multipliers are,quick to set up, easy to use and ergonomically friendly.

Mountz CLS Series

Torque Multipliers increases speed and productivity, as they are faster than a
hydraulic wrench and is less expensive. Eliminates the cumbersome set up time and slow ratcheting process of hydraulic wrenches.

Mountz RG Series

These radially geared torque multipliers are a compact design is safe, easy, and simple to handle. The low profile radial head allows access where clearance is limited.Specially designed for heat plate exchanger applications.

Norbar Pneumatic Nutruuner Range

The smooth and continuous torque output of the Pneutorque makes these tools suitable for a wide range of bolting and non-bolting applications. Pneutorques are ideally suitable for tightening and untightening bolts of up to
150mm diameter.