Our Products

Boiler Tube Expansion

The BoilerPro is designed to set, expand and even flare boiler tubes in one fast operation. When followed by a very light roll (hybrid expansion) the BoilerPro contributes to leak free, strong tube joints with minimal tube wall reduction.

Electro-Polished Tube Expansion

The DeltaPro system is HydroPro Inc.'s newest line of tooling especially developed to expand electro-polished tubing used in the manufacturing of sanitary, pharmaceutical and nuclear types of vessels. It is designed for use with standard HydroPro power supplies.

Hydraulic Tube Expansion

Hydraulic expansion (uniform pressure expansion) has long been known and accepted for its many benefits to heat exchanger performance and longevity. These benefits along with other forces, such as the acceptance by ASME and TEMA, have helped to legitimize this technology and have resulted in a preference for hydraulic tube expansion by many vessel fabricators and end users.

Tube Sleeve Expansion

For many years, metal sleeves inserts have been inserted into failing tubes as a means of restoring the failed section of tube and prolonging the life of the exchanger. But, mechanical rolling and pinning have produced mixed results, with many inserts falling out during service. With the SleevePro Strain Control method inserts are expanded uniformly, producing a consistently tight fit with less heat transfer loss.


TubePro is an efficient, proven system for locking and positioning tubes into firm tube sheet contact prior to welding; or hydraulic expansion. The unique segment design expands the tube without trapping weld gasses.