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Cadet Line Boring Machine

This general use line boring machine is perfect for contractors who are concerned about maintaining their own equipment. Whether you have a fleet of 10 or 300, the CADET will reduce your heavy equipment down time and allow you to schedule repairs to suit your needs.

Model 12-36 Line Borer

With proven dependability and an extremely powerful drive this boring machine features twin lead screws for balanced feeding, variable and reversible feed rates, variable and reversible rotation speeds, remote control pendant, X/Y adjustable bearing mounts & high quality alloys and fittings.

Model 4-14 ET

The York 4-14ET (electric touch) portable line boring machine is our finest yet. proven dependable and extremely powerful. Shown below with the Fein 4 speed reversible bar drive motor, this combination makes the 4-14ET extremely portable. A unique feature is the variable speed feed system with rapid traverse. This feed system provides 14 inches of cutting tool travel. Our control panel adds ease to the operation with the ability to add the optional remote control.

York Easy Weld

Introducing the first entry level bore welder with an adjustable step feature that allows you to control the weld bead placement.. The York Easy Weld allows you to adjust the bore welder to suit the parameters that best suit the application. The York Easy Weld can be used with any wire feeder that has burnback control. It has a simple remote control that adjusts the torch rotation speed and turns the wire feeder on and off. The Easy Weld can weld in any position and mounts to the same set up plate that supports the boring bar.

York Smart Weld

The latest in bore welder advancements; the Smart Weld System model 830 surpasses current bore welder technology. It’s the first bore welder of its kind that does all the weld speed calculations for you. There is no maze of wires or complicated setup. All the cables are enclosed in the mig whip making it very user friendly. The Smart Weld 830 will mount to most portable boring bar setups and also works great in a machine shop on the optional tripod base.