Our Products


Eletrode Grinder

The powerful Hand-Tungsten-Grinder for
grinding, facing and cutting. The best solution for a precise and fast preparation of tungsten electrodes.

GF Pipe Bevelling

Thees bench mount and hand held ID mount prep tools are accurate reliable and efficient.

GF Pipe Cutting

The new light weight pipe cutter from George Fischer is ideal for cutting thin wall stainless tube and elbows.

GF Pipe Cutting & Bevelling

having set the benchmark for pipe cutting and beveling machine GFs new generation of RA Cutters is no different.

GF Portable Pipe Cutting

The ultimate and fast solution for cutting cast iron,stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminum and plastic pipes up to 360 mm OD.

GF Tube End Facing

Burr free and square preparation of thin wall stainless tubes up to 219 mm OD